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Retail: Pork

We offer an assortment of pork items, including an array of our signature sausages.  If you would like to place an order for more than ten pounds of any item, just give us a call!  If you don't see an item that you are wanting, please ask-we may be able to get it for you!

Retail Pork Products

(prices updated 10/5/2023)

Sugar-Cured Bacon


Blue Ribbon


Apple Cinnamon 


More Pork

Skin-On Fresh Side Pork:  $4.44/lb.

Pork Skin: $1.39/lb.

Pork Feet: $1.69/lb.

Pork Head: $15.00/each

Espinazo de Puerco: $20 /20# box

Raw Bones: $1.00/lb.

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