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Chicken Shish Kebab

Retail Chicken & Seafood Products

(prices updated 4/27/2022)

We sell a variety of chicken and seafood in our store.  If you would like to order a full bulk box of any of the items for a discount, just give us a call!   Thanks!

Chicken Dish

Golden Plump* Chicken

Whole Chicken: $2.49/lb.

8-way Chicken: $2.59/lb.

Chicken Breast: $7.69/lb.

Chicken Tenderloin: $5.51/lb.

Boneless Thighs: $4.49/lb.

Drumsticks: $2.28/lb.

Party Wings: $2.99/lb.



Catfish Filets: $9.85/lb.

Pollock Filets: $5.92/lb.

Salmon Filets: $13.43/lb.

Head-on Shrimp: $19.99/bag

Headless Shrimp: $34.99/box

Tilapia Filets: $5.47/lb.

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