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Retail: Cheese

(prices updated 4/27/2022)

We carry a selection of cheeses from Jason Wiebe Dairy in Durham, KS.  Made with milk from their own dairy, these cheeses are elite!

Additionally, we sell cheese curds for $4.53/bag.  


Raw Milk Cheese

1# Raw Milk White Cheddar: $7.59/lb.

1# Raw Milk Jalepeno:  $7.59/lb.

1# Cheeses

1# Mild Cheddar: $6.30/lb.

1# Medium Cheddar: $6.30/lb.

1# Bacon Cheddar: $6.99/lb.

1# Colby: $6.29/lb.

1# Jalepeno-Habenero: $6.51/lb.


1/2 lb. Specialty Cheeses


Cajun Cheddar

Chipotle Cheddar

Jalepeno Habenero

Garden Vegetable

Garlic & Herb

Cottonwood River Sharp: $13.99/lb.

Cheese Curds

$4.53 each

Ranch Cheese Curds

Cheddar Cheese Curds

Jalepeno Cheese Curds

Buffalo Wing Cheese Curds

Jamaican Jerk Cheese Curds

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