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Our FAQs

When do I drop off my animal?

Drop-off time is noon-5 pm Central Time the day before your appointment, or by 8:30 am the morning of your appointment.

Do I get my own meat back?

Yes, you will always receive your own meat.  Each carcass is tagged with the name of the customer. This name follows the carcass all the way to the freezer.

How do we know when our meat is ready?

When the meat is processed and frozen, we will give you a call.  We give you 10 business days after your meat is ready to pick it up.  Your meat is in cardboard boxes or trays ready for you to take home, however, feel free to bring coolers if you think they are necessary.

What percent yield will my animal produce?

Yield depends on the condition of the animal and the amount of trim (i.e. fat or bone).  Ex: If your animal is fat, the yield will be lower.  If you want bone-in products, the yield will appear higher.  Typical yield is around 60% of the hanging weight.

When are you open for pick-up?

7am - 5:30 pm Central Time, Monday-Friday.  No appointment needed.

What will the beef-to-fat ratio be in my hamburger?

This will mostly depend on the amount of fat on your animal's carcass.  We typically try to achieve an 80/20 ratio.  Also, the more steaks and roasts you decide to keep will usually result in a higher fat content in your ground beef.

How long will you allow my animal to hang?

We typically hang pigs, lambs, and goats 2-3 days; beef usually hang 10-14 days.

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